Native Intelligence

Native Gardens of Blue Hill hosted a lecture by renowned landscape architect Patrick Chassé on Wednesday, August 17, at the Bagaduce Music Lending Library's Performance Hall (BMLL). Chasse's talk "Native Intelligence" accompanied the unveiling of NGBH's master plan for a public garden of native Maine plants being created on BMLL's campus on South Street in Blue Hill. Chassé spoke about the role Acadia's Wild Gardens, at Sieur de Monts, played in his own journey from botany to landscape design. Chassé gave an overview of the way plants have been used in American gardens, and details of some of the native plants he has found most useful and appealing in the gardens he has created. Maine's flor

Yesterday's story of the oak fern

Yesterday, we drove up to Green Lake Fish Hatchery and into the canopied area full of fish pools, full of fish. After a feeding demonstration we got to work. You see, we got a message from NGBH enthusiast, Fred Yost (he supplied us with seedling birch trees earlier this spring, dug from his yard and now doing so well in our nursery on site). This time, he had northern oak fern!! (Gymnocarpium dryopteris) We’ve been dreaming about oak fern, so elusive in the forest, impossible to find in the nursery trade, and there it was, in the way, at the fish hatchery where Fred works. So we drove up before anyone would dare to weed it out of the way and carefully, lovingly, dug it out of the gravel, dr

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Native Gardens of Blue Hill
creating public gardens of Maine native plants
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