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Who We Are

We are a group of professionals, residing in the area, with years of landscaping experience and backgrounds in horticulture, ecology, conservation, and design. We believe fervently in the beauty and importance of native plants and in their critical roles in sustaining and enhancing the places where we live and work. We have demonstrated ecological gardening practices in our own gardens, and in those we create for others. We feel that many share our environmental concerns, but there are few opportunities for people to see gardens that have been created organically and incrementally, and that display the beauty, value, and appropriateness of native plants.

Our Mission & Vision

creating public gardens of Maine native plants

to demonstrate their beauty and value and to encourage sustainable gardening

Board of Directors
Lynn Cheney, Treasurer
Avy Claire,Vice Chair
Greg Mekras
Suzanne Morse
Marjorie Peronto
Cathy Rees, Chair

Ruth Ryan, Secretary
part-time staff
Rachel Emus, Garden Manager
Jennifer Traub,
special thanks to
Julie Jo Fehrle
Charlie Treyball
Gerry Brache
Steve West
Leslie Clapp
Master Gardener Volunteers
Founders:  Cathy Rees                 Avy Claire                    Pam Johnson
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