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Our News & Plans

This is an exciting and rewarding time at Native Gardens of Blue Hill. We are asking for your financial help as we continue to bring you new insights into the natural world that are both grounded in our local ecosystem and inspired by the latest scientific and environmental research. Our message promoting the value of native plants and importance of feeding the ecosystem is receiving positive responses in our community. We find our mission’s voice is just one in a chorus, singing throughout the globe as evidenced by the many podcasts, webinars, interviews, and articles available online and in print. 


Being part of this vibrant movement enriches our knowledge, allowing us to share the best possible garden practices with you. The approaches we demonstrate on site are thoughtful experiments that take into account our years of connection with this landscape, new findings such as revelations about soil microbiology and mycorrhizal networks, and a deep respect for what we still don’t know. The support you provide enables us to solidify our standing regionally and to provide a growing array of unique and valuable place-based programs.

Thank you to all who supported our 2023 appeal with a financial contribution! 
Your donation funds the expansion of our gardens, woodland trails,
and educational & training resources for the community.
Click on each photo below to learn more about how Native Gardens of Blue Hill continues to grow as a unique model and resource for sustainable gardening and landscaping in our community.

This unique community project fosters

innovative thought and gardening practice.  


Help us continue this work.

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