Projects & Partnerships

Before the site for our public garden was secured, and with the encouragement of proprietors Don and Althea Paine, we began a small native garden at Mainescape, a local nursery in town. Partnership with this business allows us to introduce customers to native plants in a garden setting and promote a demand for native plants in the nursery trade.


We began this garden in Fall 2015 on an unused portion of the nursery grounds. There was already a beautiful patch of moss and a seasonal stream with many native ferns. There was also a meadow hosting many non-native plants under a high canopy of mature maples and ash. Don and Althea Paine donated many ferns, wetland and woodland natives, which we planted. We weeded the moss and began clearing dock and valerian out of the meadow. Our plan illuminates 4 distinct areas: streambed, pool, transitional meadow and woodland garden.  You can visit the garden at the nursery, and read the story of each garden area.

Garden at Mainescape
Native Gardens of Blue Hill
creating public gardens of Maine native plants
Blue Hill, Maine