First work session with Master Gardener Volunteers

Piles of brush lining the parking lot at Bagaduce Music Lending Library’s campus testify to a very productive morning for Native Gardens of Blue Hill, April 28, 2016. With hand tools and two Master Gardener Volunteers—Linda Bohm and Arlene Witham —to help, we transformed the appearance of more than forty feet of the parking lot’s edge, “editing” back into the woods to depths of ten to twenty feet.​​ ​​Heaps of saplings, seedlings and damaged trees were removed, along with congested fir thickets and weeviled white pines.* A handful of birches and oaks (in the foreground) were coppiced to encourage re-sprouting multiple basal shoots and fuller, shrubby growth ­— filling in some gaps. The mor

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Native Gardens of Blue Hill
creating public gardens of Maine native plants
Blue Hill, Maine