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A Tribute to Lynn

Lynn Cheney was a founding Board member, incorporator, longtime treasurer, major supporter, tireless garden volunteer, and the first director emerita of Native Gardens of Blue Hill. From the very first community meeting in 2015 to discuss the idea of a native plant demonstration garden in Blue Hill to the most recent NGBH Board Retreat in December 2023 held at her house, Lynn was instrumental to the establishment and development of NGBH both as a community resource and as a professional nonprofit organization.

"We will always be grateful for that day Lynn said she would like to help us realize the native garden. She jumped in with her organizational abilities and her willingness to do what needed to be done. She believed in us so that we could believe in ourselves. We will miss her in so many ways."

—NGBH Co-founders

Cathy Rees & Avy Claire

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