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Perimeter Trail

Now that the ADA-compliant bridges are in, we plan to continue work on the accessible section of our trail this summer.  We also hope to expand the trail system with foot paths and bog walk that circumnavigates the property and connects the two schools that share our boundary to the south.


The Pond

One of our accessible sections of the ADA-compliant trail will lead people to the pond.  We will spend time this season grooming the area of the pond and create a lovely seating area.


The Patio Garden and Summerhouse

One of the accessible bridges takes you over to the patio garden and Summerhouse. The Patio garden will be filled with Maine's diminutive native plants.  Plants that are often found on mountain ledges. The patio stones create the soil pockets that help to contain each species for enjoyment.  The Summerhouse is meant to be an information booth and a place to rest and enjoy woodland spaces on one side and sunny flowers on the other.


Library Gardens

We plant to complete the plantings around the front of the library with sun-loving plants, and finish building out the east side staff entrance and add woodland plantings. 

Native Gardens of Blue Hill
creating public gardens of Maine native plants
Blue Hill, Maine