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creating public gardens
of Maine native plants to demonstrate their beauty
and value and to encourage
sustainable gardening

About Native Gardens of Blue Hill

We believe in the beauty and importance of native plants and in their critical roles in sustaining and enhancing the place where we live and work. We feel many people share our environmental concerns, but there are few opportunities for the public to see a garden that has been created organically, incrementally, and one that displays the beauty, value, and appropriateness of native plants.


Habitat loss is often cited as the most crucial reason plants and animals become endangered. Our goal is to encourage people to take small actions that will restore habitat by incorporating native plants into their landscapes and to do so in such a way that ecosystem services are improved while beauty and functionality are enhanced.


To do this we have undertaken the creation of a public garden in Blue Hill to give a diverse group of gardeners, potential gardeners, and non-gardeners, an opportunity to see how a garden made exclusively of native plants can benefit the local landscape. In creating this garden, we envision a process that teaches as the garden evolves, and becomes an inspirational destination as the garden matures.  

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